Since the New York office opened in 2004, American Friends of the Louvre has provided a number of grants to the Musée du Louvre. These grants have benefitted all eight curatorial departments, scholarly research and educational programs at the Museum. It has recently expanded its fund raising efforts to include the recently created Louvre Endowment Fund. Below are examples of AFL’s current and recent campaigns as well as grants made to the Louvre in the past.

Detail from the Mastaba Chapel of Akhethotep Detail from the Mastaba Chapel of Akhethotep

Mastaba Chapel of Akhethotep

In the age of the pyramids, only high-ranking dignitaries were privileged enough to rest inside a monumental tomb, known as a “mastaba”. Akhethotep, an important figure in the Old Kingdom and close to the pharaoh, was one such person. Transported to the Louvre in 1903, his 4,000-year-old tomb chapel is one of the highlights of the Department of Egyptian Antiquities.
One century later, beneath the sand, the Louvre discovered the original site of the chapel and the remarkable architectural complex to which it belonged. Based on new information unearthed by the archaeological discovery, the Louvre plans to restore and reassemble the chapel of Akhethotep to more accurately represent how it would have originally looked in the Egyptian mastaba.
In order to bring this project to fruition, the Musée du Louvre is calling upon the generosity of the public to raise €500,000 before January 31, 2017. Click here for more information. Your donation is crucial to this campaign’s success. Donate Now!

Cupid Testing One of His Arrows Cupid Testing One of His Arrows

Saly’s Cupid

Prominent figure of the 18th century, mistress and then loyal friend to King Louis XV, the Marquise de Pompadour commissioned a spectacular work of art from French sculptor Jacques Saly in 1752. Exceptional due to its delicacy of composition and virtuosity of marblework, Cupid Testing One of His Arrows is considered a treasure of French sculpture. AFL raised funds from 2015-2016 to help the Louvre successfully reach its fundraising goal to acquire this masterpiece for its permanent collection. 

Preliminary sketch by Jacques Garcia Preliminary sketch by Jacques Garcia

Restoration of 18th-Century Decorative Arts Galleries

The Louvre worked with renowned interior designer Jacques Garcia to create new spaces for its spectacular collection of 18th-century decorative arts. AFL raised more than $4 million to support this comprehensive project, which was earmarked toward the restoration of the drawing room from the Hôtel de Villemaré-Dangé. In addition, AFL has also contributed funds towards the restoration and first ever public presentation of a magnificent cupola painted by Antoine François Callet. The new galleries opened on June 6, 2014.

Etruscan sarcophagus
 c. 520-510 BC
Copyright photo : © 2012 Musée du Louvre / Philippe Fuzeau Etruscan sarcophagus c. 520-510 BC Copyright photo : © 2012 Musée du Louvre / Philippe Fuzeau

New Galleries for the Etruscan and Roman Antiquities Collections

The Etruscan and Roman art collections in the Louvre are among the largest in the world. The renovation of these galleries will allow for these collections to be presented in the best manner possible, shedding light on the artistic traditions of the most important cities of Etruria – the cradle of the first major Italian civilization, and Rome – the capital of one of the Western world’s most influential civilizations. The new galleries will add 10,800 square feet of exhibition space and will be better adapted to the new standards of conservation and security, chronological and thematic paths will have the space to be better delineated allowing for clearer communication with the visiting public.

The Teschen table
The Teschen table

Acquisition of the stunning “Teschen Table”

This extraordinary table by master German goldsmith and mineralogist Johann Christian Neuber (1736-1808) combines the scientific spirit of the Enlightenment, the refinement and technical perfection of the goldsmith’s art, and a prestigious history. Given in 1781 by Friedrich Augustus III, Elector of Saxony, as a gift to Louis Auguste de Breteuil, Baron de Breteuil, in recognition for the role he played in the 1779 negotiation of the Treaty of Teschen, it is known today as the “Table of Peace,” or the “Teschen Table.” AFL helped raise funds in 2014 for the acquisition of the table.


Examples of past grants to the Louvre

  • Yvonne Rainer at the Louvre and Auditorium, 2015
  • The Louvre Invites Robert Wilson: "Living Rooms", 2013
  • English version of the 18th century decorative arts catalogue, 2013
  • Publication of the proceedings of the French Bronze Study Days, 2012
  • Guided tours for handicapped visitors, 2012
  • Support of the Boulle Study Days, 2012
  • Educational programs related to American art, 2011
  • Creation of new slideshow by Nan Goldin, 2010
  • Exhibition on William Kentridge and its catalogue, 2010
  • Installation of Standing Figure by Willem de Kooning in the Tuileries Garden, 2010
  • Conservation of Leonardo da Vinci’s The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne and an international symposium on the artist, 2009
  • Creation of innovative educational tools for children and families, 2008
  • Creation of Cy Twombly’s The Ceiling, 2008
  • Exhibition on French Bronzes, 2007
  • Installation of Richard Serra’s Clara-Clara in the Tuileries Garden, 2007
  • Restoration of Greek and Roman antiquities, 2007
  • Series of public programs at the Louvre conceived by Toni Morrison, 2006
  • Exhibition by Mike Kelley, 2006
  • Fellowships in Islamic art and American art, 2005 – 2009
  • Exhibition on Girodet and its catalogue, 2005
  • Introductory panels in three languages throughout the galleries, 2005
  • School exchanges between France and U.S., 2004-2006

Support from the International Council of the Louvre, 2009-2015


Louvre Endowment Fund

  • Sue Mengers Fund
  • Elahé Omidyar Mir-Djalali Fund