The Louvre in the U.S.

The Louvre has enjoyed a close and unique relationship with many museums in the United States, with a long history of collaboration on exhibitions, scholarly research and educational initiatives. Partners include the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Getty Museum, the National Gallery of Art, the Legion of Honor, the Kimbell Art Museum, the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Neue Galerie, the Morgan Library and Museum, the Denver Art Museum, the Seattle Art Museum, the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, and the Oklahoma City Art Museum.

Current & Upcoming Exhibitions in the U.S.

Statuette of a goddess (detail), 1st century B.C.–1st century A.D. Babylon. Alabaster, stucco, gold, and rubies, H. 10 1/4 in., W. 2 in., D. 2 in. (26 x 5 x 5 cm). Musée du Louvre, Paris (AO 20127) © RMN-Grand Palais / Art Resource, NY

The World Between Empires: Art and Identity in the Ancient Middle East

Metropolitan Museum of Art
March 18–June 23, 2019

For over three centuries, the territories and trading networks of the Middle East were contested between the Roman and Parthian Empires (ca. 100 B.C.–A.D. 250), yet across the region life was not defined by these two superpowers alone. Local cultural and religious traditions flourished, and sculptures, wall paintings, jewelry, and other objects reveal how ancient identities were expressed through art. Featuring 190 works from museums in the Middle East, Europe, and the United States, this exhibition will follow a journey along the great incense and silk routes that connected cities in southwestern Arabia, Nabataea, Judaea, Syria, and Mesopotamia, making the region a center of global trade. Several of the archaeological sites featured, including Palmyra, Dura-Europos, and Hatra, have been damaged in recent years by deliberate destruction and looting, and the exhibition will also examine these events and responses to them.

This exhibition contains numerous loans from the Musée du Louvre.

Jacopo Tintoretto, Self-Portrait, c. 1588, oil on canvas, overall: 63 × 52 cm (24 13/16 × 20 1/2 in.) framed: 93.5 × 84.5 cm (36 13/16 × 33 1/4 in.), Musée du Louvre, Paris Départment des Peintures

Tintoretto: Artist of Renaissance Venice

National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC
March 10–July 7, 2019

In celebration of the 500th anniversary of the birth of Jacopo Tintoretto (1518/1519–1594), the National Gallery of Art, Washington and the Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia with the special cooperation of the Gallerie dell’Accademia, will organize a major exhibition on the Venetian master. As the first retrospective of the artist in North America, the exhibition will include many significant international loans including 3 from the Musée du Louvre.

Photograph by Maria Daniels, courtesy of the Musée du Louvre, January 1992

Underworld: Imagining the Afterlife

The Getty Villa
October 31, 2018–March 18, 2019

This exhibition explores depictions of the Underworld in the art of Greece and southern Italy and investigates how ancient Greeks envisioned what happens after death. It will contain an important amphora on loan from the Louvre depicting Herakles and Cerberus, and Dionysos with maenad and satyrs (ca. 520 BC – 510 BC).

Combat Between Love and Chastity, 1503-5. Perugino (Pietro Vannucci), tempera on canvas.

The Renaissance Nude

J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles
October 30, 2018–January 27, 2019

Renaissance artists transformed the course of western art history by making the nude central to their art. Drawing inspiration from classical sculpture and the study of the live model, these artists created lifelike, vibrant, and sensual representations of the human body. Featuring more than 100 works by Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Michelangelo, Dürer, and others, this exhibition traces the nude’s gradual emergence over 130 years in Italy, France, Germany, and the Netherlands.

This exhibition includes Louvre loans:

The Fall of the Damned, 1468–69, Dieric Bouts, oil on panel.

Apollo and Daphnis, about 1495, Perugino (Pietro Vannucci), oil on poplar.

Combat Between Love and Chastity, 1503-5, Perugino (Pietro Vannucci), tempera on canvas.


Recent Exhibitions in the U.S.

Unknown Artist / Votive bust of a young man, 300 BCE-100 BCE © Musée du Louvre, Dist. RMN-Grand Palais / Thierry Olliver / Art Resource, NY.

Agents of Faith: Votive Objects in Time and Place

September 14, 2018–January 6, 2019

Agents of Faith: Votive Objects in Time and Place
Eugène Delacroix
Liberty Leading the People
Musée du Louvre
© 2009 Musée du Louvre / Erich Lessing

Delacroix (1798—1863)

September 10, 2018–January 6, 2019

Delacroix (1798—1863)
Woman with a Pearl, c. 1868–1870, oil on canvas, Musée du Louvre, Paris, Département des peintures. © RMN-Grand Palais / Art Resource, NY

Corot: Women

September 9–December 31, 2018

Corot: Women
Rhyton forepart in the shape of a lion with prey. Achaemenid, probably Egyptian, 5th-4th century BCE, Faience.
Animal-Shaped Vessels from the Ancient World: Feasting with Gods, Heroes, and Kings
Pierre Subleyras
La Courtisane Amoureuse
c. 1735
Musée du Louvre
© Musée du Louvre / Harry Bréjat
Casanova’s Europe: Art, Pleasure, and Power in the 18th Century
© RMN-Grand Palais/Art Resource, NY, photo by Jean-Gilles Berizzi

Visitors to Versailles (1682 – 1798)

April 16–July 29, 2018

Visitors to Versailles (1682 – 1798)
Ring with portrait of a Ptolemy wearing the Egyptian double crown, about 186 - 145 B.C., gold.
Musée du Louvre. © RMN-Grand Palais / Art Resource, NY. Photo: Hervé Lewandowski.

Beyond the Nile: Egypt and the Classical World

March 27–September 9, 2018

Beyond the Nile: Egypt and the Classical World
Johannes Vermeer
The Lacemaker
c. 1669-1670
Musée du Louvre
Photo (C) RMN-Grand Palais (musée du Louvre) / Gérard Blot

Vermeer and the Masters of Genre Painting

October 22, 2017–January 22, 2018

Vermeer and the Masters of Genre Painting
Edme Bouchardon
Cupid Cutting His Bow from the Club of Hercules
Musée du Louvre
(c) 2016 Musée du Louvre / Hervé Lewandowski
Edme Bouchardon (1698–1762): A Sublime Idea of Beauty