June Trip to Paris and Lyon

June 13–June 17, 2023

In June, members of the International Council and Chairman’s Circle are invited to travel to Paris and Lyon for their annual summer trip. After special activities in Paris, members will experience the culinary and cultural heritage of Lyon, known as the capital of French gastronomy.

On June 13, members will be welcomed at the Louvre on the day it is closed to the public. One of the highlights of their visit will be an in-depth tour of an unprecedented exhibition of 60 masterpieces of Italian art from the Capodimonte Museum in Naples. The works will be paired with the Louvre’s own spectacular Italian holdings and displayed in three spaces at the heart of the museum. On June 14, members will spend the day in Paris exploring more of its exceptional cultural riches. That evening, they will return to the Louvre, at the special invitation of Laurence des Cars, for an elegant dinner held in their honor.

On June 15, members will make their way to Lyon, reconvening for dinner that evening. During the next two days, they will explore this fascinating city, known as the gastronomical capital of France and famous for its World Heritage sites. The third largest city in France, Lyon was founded by the Romans in 43 BCE and over the centuries developed into a major business center, prospering during the Renaissance with the arrival of Italian merchant bankers and commercial fairs. By the 17th century, it was the silk manufacturing capital of Europe. Today, Lyon offers visitors the opportunity to discover its 2,000 year old history as well as to experience world class cuisine, drawn from the top quality produce of the region and the creative chefs following in the footsteps of native son, Paul Bocuse.

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