Oliver Gee in Paris: How to Find the Hidden Remnants of the Philippe Auguste Wall

February 24, 2021
12:00 PM EST

Podcaster and author Oliver Gee is rather obsessed with an architectural wonder of Paris: the Philippe Auguste Wall, the oldest city wall of Paris, or at least what’s left of it. This is the same wall that connected to the Louvre Fortress, remnants of which you can still find on the bottom floor of the museum today. But as for the wall itself, it was swallowed up by Paris over the 800 years since it was built.

Oliver has retraced the outline of the wall and discovered what he considers to be all of the main vestiges, which sometimes crop up in the most unlikely of places. In this presentation, Oliver will not only explain more about this magnificent wall, but will tell us how to find the hidden remnants.

Oliver Gee is the host of the popular Paris podcast The Earful Tower. The podcast was recently lauded by the New York Times as a great way to travel by ear. Originally from Australia, Oliver has lived in Paris since 2015.

The presentation will end with a lively Q&A session where Oliver will share his tips on the architectural wonders of Paris.

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