Project Support

Since its office opened in 2004, AFL has made grants of more than $34 million to the museum, including the donation of a number of important works of art.  Following is a list of current fund raising projects.

The Apollo Kitharoidos from Pompeii

Help the Louvre Museum acquire the bronze sculpture Apollo Kitharoidos, a national treasure from antiquity that survived the destruction caused by Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD!

Leonardo da Vinci Educational Programs

Education programs for the Louvre’s special exhibition “Leonardo da Vinci” were made possible, in part, through a generous gift from Peter Louis and Chandru Ramchandani.

Forgotten Kingdoms: From the Hittite Empire to the Arameans

The Louvre’s current special exhibition “Forgotten Kingdoms: From the Hittite Empire to the Arameans” is supported by a generous grant from the International Council of the Louvre.

Gifts of Works of Art

American Friends of the Louvre helps to facilitate gifting important works of art to the Louvre Museum, such as this painting by Worthington Whittredge, The Pilgrims of St. Roche donated by Michael Huffington.